Library Visits

Every week, my kids and I go to the library. They think that all our library visits are for them. As they’re getting bigger, I’m introducing them to more parts of the library. Not only does this help us reach that ideal “1001 books to read before Kindergarten”, but also gets us to look beyond the board books and train table.

The train table is very cool, though. Not going to lie.

My daughter is up to about 600 books (or at least that’s about how many I’ve written down), and my son is in the 200 range. Again, that’s before this mama got a hand cramp from writing down all the titles and authors. Last year, I babysat my nephew, which led to me accidentally homeschooling him and my daughter. We had themed-weeks to get them ready for preschool and to add to their play. Some weeks we just winged it and picked an animal or letter or trucks!

Please come along with us on our library adventures as we explore everything from board books to picture books to the non-fiction section and all the other cool programs and tools our library has to offer.

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  1. So do you still do theme weeks when you go to the library. This sounds silly since i’m a trained librarian/archivist and I ADORE libraries…but the children’s section just overwhelms me! It doesn’t help that when I finally get the girls away from the trains and toys and tell them to pick out some books they just pull the closest one off the shelf! How do you figure out what books to get each week? do you go with a plan and list of books you’ve thought of before? just have them pull books off the shelf? I know you said you ask the children’s librarian for some recommendations, but how do you decide on the others? I love being able to take some of your recommendations but i would like to stop feeling so intimidated by the children’s section!


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