Shoes, bears, a crocodile, and a lot of giggles

After last week’s attempt at finding a book about civil rights/diversity appropriate for a two kids under 5 years old, I found two that were much closer to what we needed at this week’s library visit (more on that later). In addition, my daughter very proudly told the librarian that she could read some words and got a “special library high five”. Wins all around!

Here is this week’s library haul:

Disclaimer: all of the opinions I share here are my own or are a summary of my kids’ reactions.

Before I get to the favorites, I want to let you know what our better book choices were this week. We liked Goggles by Ezra Jack Keats (of The Snowy Day fame). Even my two-year-old wanted to know why the kids weren’t playing on a playground. Seeing as my kids like to run around the house wearing swim goggles (because they’re obviously scuba-diver-manta-ray-teachers, mom), I thought that this would be more relatable. Win!

These girls find a way to overcome.

The other book, New Shoes, by Susan Lynn Meyer worked for my daughter who LOVES shoes. When the African American heroine goes to buy new shoes, she doesn’t understand why she can’t try them on like the white girl who got helped before her. My daughter summed it up simply, “That’s rude.” Yes, yes it is rude and more. Fortunately, the girls in the book have compassionate, entrepreneurial spirits and make a difference for their whole community.

This is a catchy one!

If you’re like my 2-year-old, you love bears. Thankfully, one of our favorite Wisconsin authors, Pat Miller, likes bears, too. She takes us through a library visit in We’re Going on a Book Hunt with a class of bears to the rhythm of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. We practically sang our way through this book!

Surprise ending!

When I picked up The Crocodile who Didn’t Like Water by Gemma Merino, I thought this was going to be a book about how being different can be wonderful. We previously read her book The Cow who Climbed a Tree, and loved it, so we were ready to cheer on this crocodile. Uh, surprise! This ending was not what we thought it was going to be, and I think I’ve read this one over 10 times in five days. But it’s a good one to read over and over since it’s super cute and not too long.

So. Many. Giggles.

I picked up Sleepy: the Goodnight Buddy by Drew Daywalt thinking it would be a cute one to read at bedtime. Silly me. I should have known that picking up one of Daywalt’s book would result in more giggles than snores. He does not disappoint. There’s a bit of a meta moment when the main character starts to read The Day the Crayons Quit, also by Daywalt. Similarly, Sealed with a Kiss by Beth Ferry (and my terrible French accent) made my kids laugh so hard we could barely get through the book. This tale about making new friends is fun and adorable and a bit smelly.

I guess I need to read these books before we settle down to calm down before bed. These last two definitely had the opposite effect! Live and learn, mama.

As always, feel free to let me know if you’d choose to highlight other books from the stack. Want to suggest another giggle-inducing book? Or you know a book that falls in the “if you loved ___, then you’ll love…” category? Please share what to look for at our next library visit in the comments.

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  1. For the shoe lover, have you discovered: It’s Shoe Time!: An Elephant & Piggie Like Reading Book by Mo Willems and Bryan Collier


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