Mo, Kevin, Jennifer, Rebecca, and Weird Al

This post is a thank you. Thank you to all the people who have contacted me to share some of their favorite library finds. Thank you to my grandmother who sat beside my 10-year-old self and read aloud to me as I recovered from a long hospital stay. And for crying with me during the [...]

A lot of animals, poetry, and a ninja

Last post began with an explanation/apology for my absence on this page. I'm not going to start this post with another. Let's just say things have been hectic. Wait. That's a lame excuse. Oh well, it'll have to do for now since things have been hectic. Good thing I have a ton of animals, poetry, [...]

A remake, several odd friendships, and a book without words

It's been awhile since I've posted. I'm sorry for the delay, but the kids and I got a terrible cold and I didn't want to subject the general public with our germs and then you miss one week at the library and suddenly you have 8 million books (or so) and you're trying to keep [...]

Shoes, bears, a crocodile, and a lot of giggles

After last week's attempt at finding a book about civil rights/diversity appropriate for a two kids under 5 years old, I found two that were much closer to what we needed at this week's library visit (more on that later). In addition, my daughter very proudly told the librarian that she could read some words [...]

Love, diversity, and lots of silly animals

We have another snow day here, so we've been spending lots of time reading, arts and crafts, dramatic play, and screen time when we're not out building snowmen. We build a LOT of snowmen. We also made sure to grab lots of book from the library. Here are the favorites of the latest haul. We're [...]

How do I plan a library visit?

One reader (Hi Susan!) asked me how I plan my library visits. The answer has two parts: desperation and organization. I am an extrovert. I recharge my batteries by being around people and talking to them. I also love the solitary passion of reading and fulfilling my extrovert side with characters and their conversations. Therefore, [...]